Anasuya, wife of Atri Muni, to Sita:

“In the eyes of women who are blessed with a noble disposition the husband is the highest deity, no matter whether he is ill-mannered or licentious or entirely devoid of riches. (24) Though deeply pondering, I do not see for a woman a friend greater than the husband and ore capable of yielding one’s desired object at all places like the imperishable fruit of one’s austerities, O princess of the Videha kingdom! (25) Those evil women, however, whose hearts are swayed by desire, (nay) who lord it over their husband, having no sense of virtue and vice, and more about (at will) do not follow him in the aforesaid manner. (25) Indeed, fallen a prey to concupiscence (which is worth giving up), women who belong to that category,  princess of Mithila, meet with a fall from virtue and also reap infamy. (27) Women like you, on the other hand, who are adorned with virtues (like devotion to their husband) and have discovered what is good and evil in the world, will (hereafter) dwell in heaven in the same way as those who have performed meritorious deeds. (28) Therefore, remaining devoted to the service of this prince, (nay), looking upon your husband as the foremost (object of your worship) and attending on him at the proper time, practise virtue in cooperation with your husband. Thereby you will easily attain fame as well as religious merit.” (29)

Canto CXVII, Ayodhya-Kanda, Valmiki-Ramayana