4 & 5: Jahnava Devi

It is not that woman cannot be acarya. Generally, they do not become. In very special case. But Jahnava Devi was accepted as, but she did not declare.” [Room Conversation  June 29, 1972, San Diego]

Is it possible, Svamiji, for a woman to be a guru in the line of disciplic succession? Prabhupada: Yes. Jahnava Devi was— Nityananda’s wife. She became….The qualification of guru is that he must be fully cognizant of the science of Krsna. Then he or she can become guru” [ June 18, 1976, Toronto Audio]

SAC member, Drutakarma Dasa, stated: “The GBC asked its Sastra Advisory Committee, of which I’m a member, to do some research on this topic. And we produced a statement, which was later accepted by the Governing Body Commission. Basically we found that there are other places where Srila Prabhupada is directly asked: “Can women devotees become initiating spiritual masters in our society.” On one occasion, in particular, a professor asked him this question specifically and he said, “Yes” and he gave the example of Jahnava Devi, the wife of Lord Nityananda.” [Drutakarma Dasa, class on SB 4.12.32, 2006 [Lecture Link] Srila Prabhupada was not asked the question whether it’s possible for a woman to be “a guru” not “initiating” guru, as Drutakarma Dasa incorrectly stated. “Guru” does not necessarily mean “diksa guru”. Prabhupada nowhere directly presents Jahnava Devi as an initiating spiritual master thus her example cannot be considered “significant evidence” for FDG.